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1) What is the annual incidence of impetigo in children aged 4 years or under?
2) TRUE or FALSE, impetigo is usually a self-limiting disease?
3) At what time of year is impetigo more prevalent?
4) Which of the following is NOT impetigo?

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5) Hygiene measures are important when treating impetigo. Which of the following bits of advice is inaccurate?
6) TRUE or FALSE, children with impetigo should stay away from school to prevent transmission of the infection?
7) Which of the following statements relating to keeping a child with impetigo out of school are correct?
8) TRUE or FALSE, crusts should be removed with soap and water before applying topical antibiotics?
9) If lesions have not improved with treatment, the person should be referred back to the GP. After how many days of treatment is referral indicated?
10) Extensive infection may require oral antibiotics, which of the following should be used first line?


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