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IT’s only been a year and a half since Pharmacy in Practice entered the crowded pharmacy trade press* arena, and we have hope that you have enjoyed what we have shared so far. Despite the fact we both do this in between our proper work and family commitments, so far we have published over 1,000 items and have many plans for the site.

Our aim is to provide information that can help improve pharmacy practice and ultimately benefit patient care. We are open to contributions and collaborations. So, if you have something to share, please get in touch, or if your organisation shares the same ethos, we would love to work with you. We want to continue to create an interactive site owned by the readers.

As part of our development and commitment to pharmacy we have a new logo and branding, and we’d like to thank pharmacist, Gavin Birchall, at Dose Design and Marketing for creating our new visual identity. Nice to keep it in the pharmacy family…

We are the only magazine that brings you Scottish pharmacy news in a timely fashion and we are based in Scotland. The blue in our logo is Scottish blue to reflect this — we are proud of our Scottish roots, but we also aim for national and international appeal.

Uniquely we are the only pharmacy magazine run by practising pharmacists, so we both have pharmacy at the heart of everything we do — the green pharmacy cross in our new logo reflects this, it also means that ‘pharmacy’ is literally in the word practice: Pharmacy in Practice — clever, huh? 

Our site reaches around 9,000 people every month, so you’re in good company. But, we’re always looking to recruit more readers, so please continuing sharing, commenting and contributing. Let’s share good practice, great news, information, insights, advice and opinions.

Thanks to all our readers, contributors, our editorial advisory board and the sponsors who have supported us so far. We have big plans, and we will need further help and support to help us deliver our commitment to pharmacy. We are genuinely excited at this prospect and we look forward to working together to benefit pharmacy and patients. Please get in touch.

Ross Ferguson
Johnathan Laird

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*Trademark Richard Thomas, Pharmacy Magazine, circa 1997

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