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1) TRUE or FALSE gastroenteritis is a transient disorder due to enteric infection?
2) What percentage of the UK population develop gastroenteritis each year?
3) TRUE or FALSE gastroenteritis is caused only by bacterial infection?
4) TRUE or FALSE the risk of complications (such as dehydration and electrolyte disturbance, haemolytic uraemic syndrome, and malnutrition) is consistent throughout all stages of life?
5) TRUE or FALSE gastroenteritis is characterized by sudden onset of diarrhoea?
6) TRUE or FALSE oral rehydration salts are safe to use in children?
7) In children, once diarrhoea has finished, how long should children be kept home from school or nursery?
8) Which of the following are 'red flag' symptoms of gastroenteritis indicate that the patient should be admitted to hospital?
9) TRUE or FALSE antidiarrhoeal and anti-emetic drugs are usually necessary for management of gastroenteritis in primary care?
10) TRUE or FALSE antibiotics are not recommended for acute diarrhoea of unknown pathology, but may be required if stool culture reveals a causative organism?


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