Dilemma – Pharmacist has a potentially inappropriate relationship with a staff member

YOU are a relief pharmacist and recently have taken on the maternity cover for the regular second pharmacist.

This dilemma takes you through a series of situations about the escalating relationship that occurs between a pharmacist manager and a member of staff. We have outlined each significant stage in the relationship that occurs over the course of a six month period. This dilemma takes you through the story of this relationship and the fallout as it happens.

The Pharmacy in Practice dilemma seeks to find out what your opinion would be when faced with a situation like this that probes the grey areas of practice. There is no right or wrong answer and we invite you to take part in the polls throughout the dilemma.

We will publish the results article next week, which will include a view from the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

The key question throughout is: Are pharmacists, pharmacy staff and others mentioned behaving in a way that is thought to be professional in light of the recent GPhC Standards for pharmacy professionals?

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Note: the purpose of this dilemma is to present a case that may occur in practice; for you to consider what you would do if faced with it; and to encourage you to reflect on your decision. The possible answers are examples, and are not an exhaustive list of all the potential solutions.

1 Comment on Dilemma – Pharmacist has a potentially inappropriate relationship with a staff member

  1. I dont think is legally covered under any frame of any company. When the relationship is toxic like any healthy or unhealthy relationship it will affect other staff negatively. Staff wont feel free to comment on any wrongs or positive things happening about one of them. Is a total no