RxWeb launched for pharmacies in Scotland


CLANWILLIAM Health has launched RxWeb, the UK’s only web-based PMR system, into pharmacies in Scotland. According the company it is the fastest growing PMR in the UK.

The system allows pharmacists anytime/anywhere access to their systems, as well as automatic updates and real-time back-ups. As data is not stored locally and pharmacies are not dependent on any one PC there are enhanced levels of security, as hardware failure or theft do not impact system operations or risk loss of patient data, explains the company. RxWeb users can also supply their own hardware (if it meets specifications) which means there are no multi-license fees.

Eileen Byrne, Managing Director of Clanwilliam Health, commented: “This is a very special day for RxWeb and Clanwilliam Health as we receive accreditation to move into the Scottish market. We have worked closely with pharmacies in Scotland to ensure RxWeb is tailored specifically to market needs. We are, and have been, committed to investing in RxWeb so that we deliver a superior product offering for our customers, which has allowed us to grow significantly in the UK over recent years and we are excited to continue this growth in Scotland.”

David Ross, Business Development Manager for Scotland, also remarked on RxWeb’s expansion: “We’re very happy to finally be in a position to present RxWeb to the Scottish pharmacy market. Advancements in cloud technology have resulted in enormous contributions to pharmacy management in the UK, with RxWeb users gaining real value through significant financial savings and enhanced flexibility. This is both an exciting development for RxWeb and Scottish pharmacies”.

For further information visit the RxWeb website.

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