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1) TRUE or FALSE, angina is usually caused by coronary artery disease, which reduces the amount of oxygen supplied to the myocardium.
2) Which of the following is FALSE about stable angina?
3) Which TWO of the following are first-line choices (as monotherapy) to reduce the symptoms of stable angina?
4) For people whose symptoms are not controlled with a beta blocker or calcium channel blocker alone, which of the following are options?
5) TRUE or FALSE, ivabradine is suitable to be used as monotherapy (to reduce angina symptoms) for people who cannot take beta blockers or calcium channel blockers?
6) Ivabradine must only be used in people who have a heart rate equal to or above?
7) Which of the following calcium channel blockers is NOT suitable to use with a beta blocker?
8) Concurrent use of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors with nitrates is contraindicated, as excessive hypotension may occur. How long should someone wait to take a nitrate after taking a PDE-5?
9) Once a bottle of glyceryl trinitrate tablets is opened, what is the shelf life?
10) People with stable angina should avoid which of the following?

This quiz was based on the NICE CKS topic Angina.

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