CPD quiz – Methadone and substance misuse



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1) In which form are opioids most addictive?
2) Which TWO of the following are goals for opioid replacement maintenance therapy?
3) TRUE or FALSE, methadone is the current drug of choice for maintenance opioid replacement therapy?
4) What is the plasma half-life of methadone?
5) TRUE or FALSE, methadone is less sedative than morphine?
6) What of the following are signs of methadone overdose?
7) Which of the following adverse effects will co-administration of alcohol and methadone cause?
8) What is the drug of choice to aid withdrawal from street heroin?
9) If a patient is dependent on opioids, how much higher is mortality than in the general population?
10) What percentage of the general population are thought to have taken a class A drug within the last year?



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