Member engagement a key priority, says RPS CEO

Paul Bennett, RPS CEO

THE Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) was committed to improving its products and services, Paul Bennett RPS Chief Executive Officer told delegates at the RPS conference in Birmingham: “That starts by making you the very centre of our focus; your professional ambitions will always be at the centre of that focus.

“Firstly, we need to make getting better at engagement a key priority, both with pharmacists individually, with local groups and specialists, whether it’s connecting with members online, or face-to-face. We want you to feel as much a part of the Society as I now do myself.”

It was no accident that the theme of the conference was connectivity. “I hope that by making the decision to open up access to the conference to all members, this signals that we are absolutely committed to making sure that we see more of you, and that you hear, see and experience more of what the Society has to offer.”

The RPS was keen to build dialogue about the future of the profession, and it had a responsibility to make sure the voice of pharmacy was heard: “we are absolutely committed to making sure that this happens,” he said.

The RPS also wanted to “increase our support for pharmaceutical science” and he announced the appointment of Professor Gino Martini as Chief Scientist with responsibility for science and research at the RPS, and Dr Claire Thompson as Deputy Chief Scientist.

The RPS was ready to support career aspirations, and he invited members to engage with his team to tell them what they could do “better or differently”.

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