Dilemma results: sexual harassment in the pharmacy

LAST weeks dilemma explored the escalating sexual harassment of a pharmacy technician by the regular pharmacist.

For the purposes of the dilemma we asked the readers to put themselves in the shoes of the pharmacy technician. In this dilemma the pharmacy technician was called Holly and the pharmacist was called Tony. The story took you through how their relationship develops not necessarily for the better.

We have given a brief recap of the dilemma below. If you missed it first time around, you can participate here.

Dilemma stage 1

It’s a Tuesday afternoon. Holly has just made the coffee for the team and Tony makes a comment upon her return.

He said: “I hired you for your skills in the kitchen. Holly you are the best trained technician for miles around.”

Holly laughed the comment off and the team enjoyed their afternoon coffee.

The results:

Is this behaviour acceptable in this setting?

Yes  70.5%

No  29.5%

Would you intervene at this stage and if so what action would you take?

No, I would not say anything  72.9%

Yes, I would mention it in public directly to the person 6.8%

Yes, I would give feedback to the person in private afterwards 20.3%

Yes, I would report the incident to the superintendent pharmacist 0%

Yes, I would report the incident to the GPhC 0%


Click here to see the results for stage 2

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