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1) Is croup a common or uncommon childhood illness?
2) Which type of infection usually causes croup?
3) Is the onset of the typical croup cough sudden or gradual?
4) Croup is characterised by a typical barking cough. What animal is this cough said to sound like?
5) Stridor is usually a feature of the croup cough. Does the stridor happen predominantly as part of the inspiratory, or expiratory flow of air?
6) At what time of day are symptoms typically worst?
7) At what age is the incidence of croup worst?
8) Lethargy can be a feature of croup. Is this a symptom of croup that would trigger hospital admission?
9) What liquid steroid preparation is recommended for the treatment of mild, moderate or severe croup?
10) What is the recommended dose of oral dexamthasone that should be given to a child with croup?


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