Pharmacy in Practice teams up with Numark to support Scottish pharmacies


PHARMACY in Practice has teamed up with Numark to support community pharmacies in Scotland and to communicate the company’s ethos and strategy. There will be regular articles from key opinion leaders as well as input from the leading edge independent community pharmacists in Scotland.

Head of marketing at Numark, Emma Charlesworth commented: “Numark are delighted to be working in partnership with Pharmacy in Practice.  We are passionate about supporting community pharmacy in Scotland and working with our members to develop profitable independent pharmacies that deliver exceptional standards of care to patients.”

“With over 50 years’ experience, Numark can be trusted to support community pharmacy now and into the future. Numark help make your pharmacy more profitable, more efficient and in turn, give you more time to focus your efforts where it counts.

“We deliver practical tools to help you and your pharmacy team deliver an outstanding service to customer and patients. We provide competitive commercial deals, help develop and establish pharmacy services, offer a range of training solutions to upskill you and your team and deliver intuitive IT strategies to increase operational efficiencies to ensure you remain profitable in a challenging environment.

Commercial Director of Pharmacy in Practice, Johnathan Laird commented: “Community pharmacy in Scotland has remained forward thinking in its outlook in the context of significant financial constraints elsewhere. The recent launch of the new strategy document Achieving Excellence in Pharmaceutical Care has placed community pharmacy at the forefront of better delivery of pharmaceutical care in Scotland.

“We look forward to supporting Numark to explain their bespoke support for community pharmacists in Scotland. The breadth of knowledge and experience that Numark bring to the Scottish market is significant and will help to drive the standard of care delivered through independent pharmacies in Scotland forward further and faster than ever before.

“These are exciting times for Scottish pharmacy but rest assured we all have are part to play to make it happen.”



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