Embrace leadership to deliver Excellence in Pharmaceutical Care, says Numark

Dr Mandeep Mudhar, Director of Marketing, Numark

Mandeep Mudhar, Director of Marketing and Development at Numark details the importance of leadership to embrace the changes implicit in the strategy for pharmacy in Scotland


WE were delighted to read the recent strategy for community pharmacy in Scotland as outlined in the Achieving Excellence in Pharmaceutical Care document. The strategy is very much focused toward pharmacists playing a more clinical role in terms of delivering care to patients with a view to releasing pressure on GP teams.

Pharmacy technicians will also have a much more integral and enhanced role to help support the pharmacist deliver against the vision for community pharmacy in Scotland.

The new strategy will bring the need for the skills, resources and processes within the pharmacy environment to undergo significant change. Pharmacy teams will need to identify core skill sets and pharmacists will be required to make more use of pharmacy technicians to help free time for them to enhance their role in clinical care. Core to this is leadership.

Numark is committed to supporting community pharmacists in Scotland to grow profitability, protect their OTC business, develop their pharmacy teams to fulfil their role requirements, but above all give them the time, skills and confidence to embrace the future strategy for pharmacy in Scotland.

Delivering against the service agenda is going to be vital for pharmacies to maximise remuneration opportunities and we can help contractors identify and influence operating efficiencies to improve performance.

Our team of pharmacists and industry experts provide SOPs, service delivery resources and a range of training programmes designed to optimise pharmacy management and more specifically we are currently looking at how we support pharmacy in delivering against the new obligations of CMS.

Delegation and leadership is key to help free up time and utilising the pharmacy team effectively will help find those extra hours in the day. It is important to look at the skills and competencies of the individuals in the team. It may be that investment is needed in some extra training to fully reap the benefits and increase productivity, both now and in the future. Numark offers its members a comprehensive package of training programmes that can help to achieve this.

Our leadership programme has been designed specifically with the pharmacy environment in mind. The modular learning approach makes the training hugely accessible. It can be completed in bite size chunks at a pace that suits and can be revisited at any time. On completion of the training which is comprised of eight modules, pharmacists will have a strong understanding of the following areas of leadership:

  • Change management.
  • Coaching others for results.
  • Effective communication and feedback skills.
  • Effective delegation.
  • Effective goal setting.
  • Managing conflicting priorities.
  • Managing poor performance.
  • Solution focused thinking.

As well as having a leadership programme that will help not only develop pharmacists skill sets but also harness the skills of the pharmacy team, Numark has developed partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers to provide an extensive range of enhanced commercial agreements.

From negotiating brand equalisation and generic deals to developing service toolkits to enhance patient engagement and loyalty, Numark is able to provide a complete package of support acting as a head office function but enabling pharmacies to retain their independence. That’s the beauty of Numark.

Now more than ever before, community pharmacy needs an organisation like Numark. We are proud to work with our members to develop profitable, independent pharmacies that deliver exceptional standards of care to local communities.

Together, we can ensure that community pharmacy has a bright future. Together, we’re stronger.

Numark’s Leadership Programme is free of charge to members. Thinking of joining Numark? Call us on 0800 783 5709* to find out more or visit www.numarknet.com

*Calls may be recorded for training and quality control purposes.

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