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Stroke is a clinical syndrome caused by cerebral infarction or haemorrhage, typified by rapidly developing signs of focal and global disturbance of cerebral functions lasting more than 24 hours or leading to death (1).

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1) A non-disabling stroke is defined as one with symptoms which last no longer than how many hours?
2) Which TWO of the following contribute to causing an ischaemic stroke?
3) Which of the following statements is true?
4) Which of the following statements is true?
5) TRUE or FALSE, a stroke can happen at any age?
6) Which of the following are cognitive impairments that may result from stroke?
7) In relation to stroke detection, what is the mnemonic you should remember?
8) In relation to stroke detection, what does the FAST mnemonic stand for?
9) TRUE or FALSE, the FAST test is failed if there is a new unexplained speech problem?
10) Approximately, what is the inpatient death rate for people admitted with stroke?


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