Dilemma – Pharmacist potentially makes serious breaches of patient confidentiality

CONFIDENTIALITY is one of the most important principles in pharmacy practice: protecting patient confidentiality is a critical element in pharmacists’ integrity and professionalism.

This dilemma considers a number of scenarios, not necessarily linked, where patient confidentiality is compromised and in some occasions breached. For each scenario we have asked a number of questions to stimulate some reflection on the topic.

  1. Has patient confidentiality been breached?
  2. Should the pharmacist be referred to the GPhC for this breach in confidentiality?
  3. What sanction has been imposed?

We will publish the results of this dilemma next week.

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Note: The purpose of this dilemma is to present a case that may occur in practice; for you to consider what you would do if faced with it; and to encourage you to reflect on your decision. The possible answers are examples, and are not an exhaustive list of all the potential solutions.


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