Scottish pharmacists set to prescribe for impetigo and UTIs


COMMUNITY pharmacists across Scotland will be able to prescribe fusidic acid cream to treat impetigo, and trimethoprim or nitrofurantoin to treat uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections in women, from December this year in a national scheme to ease pressure on GP practices over the busy winter months.

While all pharmacies throughout Scotland will participate in the scheme, payment for the service may vary as funding sits with local health boards. All pharmacists will make use of CPUS prescriptions to supply the products in accordance with their health board’s patient group direction (PGD).

The scheme brings all health boards into alignment with those, such as Forth Valley, which were already offering this service.

Pharmacists will have to undertake the Pharmacy First online training module, which is available from NHS Education for Scotland (NES), and some health boards are also offering face-to-face training events. It is expected that, if successful, the service will continue after a review is undertaken in March.

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