Drug of the week quiz: New inhaler Trimbow


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1) How many drugs are there in the new Trimbow inhaler?
2) What type of inhaler device is Trimbow?
3) Which of the following describes the preferred inhalation technique to best deliver the drugs in Trimbow?
4) TRUE or FALSE Trimbow is licensed for use in both asthma and COPD?
5) What is the recommended dose of Trimbow in adults?
6) Trimbow contains the long acting beta agonist drug formeterol. Upon administration of a single dose how rapidly dose it have a bronchodilating effect?
7) TRUE or FALSE Trimbow can be used in emergency exacerbation situations in a similar way that Symbicort 200 can be used in the recognised SMART regime?
8) TRUE or FALSE the Aerochamber spacer device may be used with Trimbow and has been shown to improve lung delivery of all three component drugs?


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