Dilemma results: sexual harassment and sexism in pharmacy

WE recently published a dilemma where we explored a number of situations involving sexual harassment of a pharmacist in a hospital setting.

A brief recap is outlined below. If you missed it first time around, you can participate here.

In the profession of pharmacy we do not exist in isolation, so like many other issues, sexism may be an issue in our lives too. This dilemma explores these issues in an attempt to better understand the problem and keep it on everyone’s agenda.

For the purposes of the dilemma we have made the victim in this case a woman and her pursuant is a man.

Click here to view the results of this dilemma

Note: The purpose of this dilemma is to present a situation that may occur in practice; for you to consider what you would do if faced with it; and to encourage you to reflect on your decision. The possible scenarios are examples, and are not an exhaustive list of all the potential solutions.

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