FIP World Congress Glasgow 2018: Q&A with the RPS



What is the FIP?
FIP is the International Pharmacy Federation – the global body representing pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. It represents over 3 million pharmacists around the world in 140 countries. Every year they have a world congress hosted on a different continent —  last year it was in Buenos Aires, and this year Seoul. Next year for the first time in 40 years it’s in the UK — September 2-6 in Glasgow.

How is it relevant to grass-roots pharmacists?
It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to see, meet and network with global leaders in pharmacy and there are practical as well as high level sessions. In 2016 they covered a range of key global health topics such as AMR, new models of healthcare, education reform/transformation and public health.

You get to hear the latest trends and research in clinical, educational and futuristic healthcare which can provide great new ideas to apply to day-to-day practice.

How is the RPS involved?
The RPS is a founding member of FIP and we put a bid in back in 2013 along with others to have the honour of hosting — we were awarded it in 2015.

The conference is in Glasgow next year. How is the location decided?
We put in bids for London, Cardiff and Glasgow, but FIP made the final choice. We wanted to make sure UK pharmacists had a unique opportunity not usually open to them by bringing FIP to the UK.

Does it cost the RPS to be involved, if so how much?
The cost is offset by sponsorship and a grant from Glasgow City Council.

Who organises it?
FIP organises the content, sessions and speakers. The RPS has a host committee consisting of pharmacy leaders across the nations including Director of Scotland Alex MacKinnon, and members are drawn from every sector of the profession.

How much involvement does the RPS have in organisation and content? 
The role of the RPS is to find locations for the conference and manage some of the event logistics, marketing in Great Britain and recruit student volunteers.

What is the purpose of the conference?
FIP brings together pharmacy practitioners and pharmaceutical scientists from around the world to consider ways of extending the role of pharmacists so that they play a full part in ensuring patients, and health systems, achieve full benefit from the medicines people take. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is failing many patients around the globe for the pharmacological treatment of disease.

Spanning five days, it will look at four key themes: From Bench to Bedside, looking at advancements in drug discovery and new technologies; Partners in Health, which looks at new collaborative practices, research and education models; Empowered for Health, with an emphasis on training and leadership in practitioners; and Special Interests, which will target different fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

How much do tickets normally cost?
There are two early bird price stages with different rates — prices will vary according to your membership status, or if you are an FIP member. Booking will be available in January 2018 when details of ticket prices will be available.

The RPS conference was free this year, will this be free for members? If not, what is the expected cost and how is this decided?
FIP sets the ticket prices, we are working with them at the moment to negotiate a special price for RPS members.

When can we expect to get more info about the programme?
January 15 onwards.

For more details, see the FIP Congress website.

Additional information
You don’t need to be an individual member to attend the congress, however members do benefit from reduced congress registration fees. It is currently €98 for UK pharmacists to join FIP, but for the most recent conference to benefit from the reduced congress registration, you had to have been a member for the previous two years*.

We have not yet received information about the registration fees for the Glasgow event. However, for information, the fees for the event in Seoul in 2017 were as follows:

First deadline Second deadline
Until 15 May 23:59 CET 16 May – 15 August 23:59 CET After 15 August
Full Congress Registration 
FIP individual member* € 650 € 750 € 1,050
Regular fee (non-member) € 850 € 950 € 1,050
Student/recent graduate € 250 € 350 € 1,050

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