CPD quiz: impetigo


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1) TRUE or FALSE, skin infection only ever occurs when the skin is injured (for example cuts, abrasions, bites)?
2) TRUE or FALSE, obstruction of hair follicles and glands can affect the flow of sweat and sebum which can lead to invasive infection?
3) TRUE or FALSE, as we age the chance of developing a skin condition decreases?
4) On which part of the body does impetigo usually start?
5) TRUE or FALSE, impetigo is more common in children aged 4 years and under?
6) Which of the following statements about impetigo is incorrect?
7) Topical fusidic acid can be used to treat impetigo. How often should it be applied, and for how long?
8) Which of the following advice is useful to help people manage impetigo?
9) TRUE or FALSE, people with impetigo should stay away from school or work until the lesions are dry and have scabbed over, or for 48 hours after antibiotic treatment has started (whichever is first).
10) TRUE or FALSE, people with impetigo do not need to avoid sharing clothing, towels or bathwater with anyone else?

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