7 tips on how to pass the registration assessment by someone who has just done it

Irsalan Ahmed

ARGUABLY the registration assessment is one of the most important examinations you will sit.

Performing 4 years of hard work at University, working in a demanding role as a pre-registration pharmacist and passing the assessment is an achievement within itself. During the course of my pre-reg year I realised that although there were numerous support systems to help students, there is not much information to be found on actually preparing for the examination itself.

There are many things I look back on and wished I had done to make my revision process simpler, and I hope that the experiences I share in this article will be of service to you and help you tackle that final dreaded hurdle.

A bit about myself, I undertook my pre-registration year within a London NHS Hospital Trust so I am now a newly qualified pharmacist. I sat the September 2017 exam for the first time. This exam, in my opinion, went so horrendously badly that I thought my chances of passing were next to nothing. Thankfully though, I was lucky and managed to make it through in the end and hope the following hints and tips from my experience will make your assessment a success.

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