Pharmacy2U continues exponential growth

ACCORDING to the weekly EPS nominations statistics from PharmData, Pharmacy2U gained 4,383 overall new patient nominations in the week ending November 22, bringing them to a total of 152,750.

This is the largest increase of EPS nominations in a week by any pharmacy so far. To put this into perspective,  there were 11,844 pharmacies in England on November 22, and only 765 pharmacies (6.5%) had more than 4,383 total nominations.

The average number of total EPS nominations for a pharmacy in England, excluding Pharmacy2U, is 2,143. This suggests that last week, Pharmacy2U grew by the equivalent of more than 2 average pharmacies.

However, not all internet pharmacies are experiencing such intense growth. Pilltime pharmacy, which offers patients pre-packed medication in individual plastic pouches, had a total loss of 173 patients in the past week.

Oliver Staunton is pharmacist web developer at

The company publishes data on every community pharmacy in England, including NHS script and item numbers, MURs and NMS, as well as flu jabs.

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