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Pharmacy Management CEO, John Stanley (right), with PCPA President, Liz Butterfield (left), and Michelle Kaulbach-Mills, PCPA Director & Partnership Lead (centre)

What does Pharmacy Management do?
Pharmacy Management is a specialist communications company. In essence our passion is to create situations where the great work that is undertaken in one NHS location is shared across the whole of the UK. Primarily we work with pharmacists and their teams with our conferences, seminars, leadership training, journals and online presence..

What is the history of the organisation?
The company has a proud heritage established over 30 years ago by the current chairman Ted Butler. Back then our focus was already supporting the NHS. The first edition of our first Journal was published in 1985

What type of events do you organise?
PM hosts national conferences where best practice around medicines usage and pharmaceutical care is featured, in England and Scotland annually. We host regular events in Wales and Northern Ireland and our plans going forward include the exciting launch of a “Celtic Conference” in Scotland in 2019.

Alongside these national conferences we also have annual conferences working in specific therapy areas in partnership with the UKCPA. In 2018 these will include diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular.

Leadership training forms of large strand of our activities. The pharmacy Management Academy, which visits Scotland every step 6 months, has just completed the 13th series providing leadership training to NHS pharmacy teams at no cost.

We are also very proud of the clinical leadership in pharmacy training delivered to 24 pharmacists in Scotland over an 18 month period. CLIP is now proceeding across the whole of Ireland

How many do you organise a year?
Across the range of seminars, clinical conferences, bespoke conferences, Academy training and clinical leadership we will deliver between 50 and 100 events annually

How many people attend?
We set a maximum of 30 people attending a leadership programme to ensure quality engagement, at the other end of the scale we have had several events in the last 12 months with over 200 people in attendance

How are they funded?
Our events are funded largely by way of educational grants that we receive from our partners within the pharmaceutical industry. We have strict compliance and governance protocols ensuring that such arrangements satisfy the rigorous NHS sponsorship and disclosure protocols.

This year we also pioneered at our home care conference a different model where NHS delegates made a contribution to the costs by way of an attendance fee.

What input do sponsors have?
Sponsors would not have input to the design of the event, or to the agenda. Sponsors would not select the presenters – who independently create their own present presentations. Our events are designed in conjunction with an NHS independent subcommittee. We follow their guidance

Sometimes at a large conference presentation may be specifically sponsored by a company. The content remains independent, and in such circumstances we always feature such sponsorship on our agenda and promotional materials

What benefit is sponsorship to them?
Companies benefit from sponsorship particularly learning about NHS priorities. the NHS is constantly evolving, with new structures and new ways of working – understanding these changes so that they can properly integrate is important to our sponsors

Do you get a lot of return visitors?
We are proud that attendees to our events return year after year after year. In fact we challenge ourselves to ensure that we are reaching out to new delegates, whilst we welcome the return visitors we must also ensure that new members to the team and new teams also get the opportunity to attend

How do you gauge success?
Success is measured by the feedback, and our experience on the day, indicating that attendance was valuable, illuminating and potentially practice changing. We strive to ensure all our events are administered and event managed professionally – and in that regard we raise the bar every year

How do you quality control the content?
We take advice on theme, topic, presentation and presenter from the NHS experts we work with designing the event in subcommittee. Our clinical events, benefit hugely in this regard from the input from our partners UKCPA

Where does the RPS fit in?
We are proud to be accredited training providers for the RPS faculty. We map in to our events connections that encourage delegates to also embark upon the faculty journey. The RPS team frequently support our events by way of attendance at conferences and promoting the work of the society and the benefits of faculty membership at an early stage during our clinical leadership programmes

What sets your events apart from other companies?
PM is unique with our extensive engagement and relationship with the NHS, the involvement of our partners and perhaps most significantly with our philosophical standpoint recognising the value of independent NHS input into the design of all of our events

How will you be working with PCPA?
Initially we will be working with PCPA delivering a clinical leadership program comprising of 12 modules over a 15 month period to the first cohort of 24 pharmacy team members. This program will be specifically modified to support PCPA members who are working as pharmacists in GP practices. We anticipate that this will be the first of several programs.

What plans do you have for the future?
We have many exciting ideas already in our plans…

As well as continuing with the successful seminars, and leadership events that are well-established

In 2018 and National Forum in November will include exciting new developments working closely with the UKCPA

In 2018 our clinical leadership program will commence in the north-east of England.

In 2019 the first Celtic conference featuring the best practice from Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland will take place in Scotland. We are pleased to confirm the support of the subcommittee made up from senior NHS Pharmacists in each of these nations will ensure this new event continues the PM heritage — delivering top-quality relevant informative events for NHS pharmacy teams

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