Pharmacy contractors in Scotland to receive £1. 3 million payment in December

COMMUNITY Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) has secured a £1.3 million payment for pharmacy contractors in December to support cashflow and winter resilience. This is in addition to the recent £1.2 million adjustment to dispensing pool payments made to contractors.

The payment reflects the currently assessed underperformance of the (annualised) minimum guarantee sum of £110 million from drug and appliance reimbursement.

In a letter to CPS chair, Martin Green, Scotland’s Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Dr Rose Marie Parr said: “Monthly and quarterly pricing inquiry monitoring will continue to track closely performance against delivery of the minimum guaranteed sum, and balancing adjustments will be made to future monthly contractor payments should pricing inquiry monitoring show performance deviate from the annualised amount.”

CPS said: “The negotiating team are very grateful to the contractor network for market information that is being fed back to the office. This has been a contributing factor in securing the payment.”

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