Pharmacy Clinical Leadership Programme launches in North of England


PHARMACY Management is launching its Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy (CLIP) programme in York on Thursday, May 24.

The programme, which has been shortlisted for an HSJ Healthcare Partnership Award and has been successfully delivered in Scotland and Ireland, is available for pharmacists in community, primary or secondary, as well as pharmacy technicians.

It provides comprehensive skills training delivered over a year with 10 separate modules delivered at the Principal Hotel in York.

Ted Butler, Chairman of Pharmacy Management told Pharmacy in Practice: “The Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy programme was a great success when initiated in Scotland and then taken to Ireland.

“We are going to Wales this year after having worked with the All Wales Chief Pharmacists Group, so with the North of England CLIP we will be in all four countries with this practical and innovative programme.

“We are all looking forward at Pharmacy Management to working with more motivated and professional pharmacists this year.

“We intend to be in Scotland again with the programme in 2019.”

For more information, download a brochure here.

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